After the Date, What Do We Do Now?

Mission accomplished – you finished the date in a great mood, both of you are happy, the chemistry was incredible, you escorted her home, she gave you a kiss on the cheek, you both agreed you’d like to continue talking. The problem is that many couple report that after the date, when they arrive home or on the morning after the date, there is a slight feeling of sadness or even stress. Learn normal communication after first date. Who will call first? What should I do now? Call or wait for a phone call? Text or send an e-mail? Here are some answers that can help you in the “After-date”.

Should I text her that I enjoyed the date?

The situation: You met on a dating site, you can’t stop thinking about her and about how much fun you’ve had together, and you just feel the urge to text her that you enjoyed your date. On the other hand, you don’t want her to think that you’re annoying, and suddenly you’re not so sure if she truly enjoyed your date or just pretended. What can you do?

The Solution: It’s always nice to get positive feedback and normal communication after first date. A text message is usually short and concise. So, you can text her that you had fun. But you can, of course, wait with the texting until the morning, to surprise her on the morning following your date. Of course if you feel an immediate urge to text now and you think it won’t bother her, but make her happy – text her. At the same time, do not let doubt erode your sense of euphoria. If you had chemistry and the woman expresses signs of interest and a desire to meet again, she is (most likely) not faking it, and she is interested. Therefore, you have no reason to feel you’re deceiving yourself and get back to a dating site.

A man and a woman on a date

Who will call first? Should I wait or should I make the call?

The situation: It’s been 24 hours since the date and you’re waiting for a phone call. You don’t know whether you should wait for her call or whether you should be the one to call first. On the one hand, you don’t want to bother her, but on the other hand, you can’t wait to see her again.  How will you act?

The solution: Instead of calling, you can text. If she doesn’t text you back, don’t be stressed – she might not have reception or ran out of battery. Wait for at least 2 days and then text, call, or mail her. You can, of course, wait for her to call, but don’t be afraid to take the initiative – if she’s not into you, it’s a shame to waste your time waiting. It’s better that you know now if she’s interested, in order to decide whether you get back to the dating apps and meet the next woman.

It’s been a long time since the first date and we haven’t schedule for another one yet

The situation: The first date was great and you already talked and arranged another meeting, both parties expressed willingness to continue the relationship, but for some reason every time you try to schedule the time and place she is busy – and you do not know if she is just avoiding you and is no longer interested or if she is really busy. How will you lead to a second date?

The solution: You can, of course, ask her if it’s just an excuse or truly a stressful week, but you have to take into account that she might be offended by the question, because if she’s really busy then it’s also upsetting to her that she can’t meet you this week.

On the other hand, you really want to know and not be deceived by her and therefore, you can just offer a compromise. For example, if she claims that she doesn’t have a car this week, you can offer a meeting place close to her, or a ride. Another option is to set a date for next week (on the pretext that you also have a few busy weeks, and you will be very happy if you can schedule in advance) and then, maybe, you will actually come out with a due date for your second meeting. Before facing any dilemma or obstacle in a relationship you should think about all the courses of action available to you, seek advice from friends, or consult with the potential partner. Do not act impulsively, since it’s a pity to ruin a relationship just because of a misunderstanding or a not knowing each other’s expectations. just learn normal communication after first date. Good luck!

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