How to Improve Your Communication With Women?

Have you ever talked to someone while they were busy doing something else and barely listened to you? Chances are very low that you will feel the need to tell them about yourself.

It’s the same with women, once you are fully present in the date, you will make her – in your body language, in your words, and in your attention to her – feel comfortable with you and share personal things, since she feels that you are listening to her.

When you are invested in the conversation and have no distractions – you will make her feel comfortable and want to open up to you.

You will surely get into situations where she tells you personal stories that you would not believe she is telling you.

We and women in particular, like to feel special.

When you focus your attention on the women and on the situation, you make her feel like she’s the only person in the world.

This approach puts you in your own bubble, and sets you both apart from the rest of the world. It’s an addictive feeling that she will miss when she’s not spending time with you.

This is the purest kind of attention, because you’re not expressing mere verbal interest- you’re using your entire being to express that you are there with her and not just hearing her. You’re listening to her and you’re seeing her.

Once you are present in the situation, alert and focused on your feelings, it allows you to connect to yourself and to what you want to express to the other party.

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You’re not thinking about what you need to say or do, you are just being yourself. You’re not confined inside your head. Unnecessary thoughts are often what prevent us from expressing ourselves freely.

The more present you are, the less room there will be for inhibiting internal discourse.

Our thoughts are meant to protect us automatically from threats that don’t exist at all.

How to develop a powerful presence during the communication itself?

The more aware we are of our feelings, the better we can express ourselves and avoid letting emotions that we don’t wish to express at that moment catch us unprepared and go out of control.

Maybe there’s something she says which makes me want to disagree with her. You can pay attention to it before reacting impulsively and destroying the interaction.

In addition, eye contact shows self-confidence. When you look at her showing interest, she realizes that you are there, that you are present and is listening to her.

Who doesn’t want this kind of attention?
You don’t have to hold intense eye contact throughout the conversation, but rather doing it in a way that is comfortable for you, and pleasant for both of you.

Make it a habit to inhale and exhale every few moments, simply as an action that takes you back to the “here and now.” It will remind you to deepen the connection to yourself and to the environment.

That way, you can stay alert and aware, and not be imprisoned by the thoughts inside your head.
Another important thing – relax; you came to have a good time 🙂

Relax your body, so that you will enter a mental state enabling the transmission of messages. The body affects the mind.

Therefore, if it is difficult for you to relax your mind – first relax the body, and the magic will happen on its own.

Presence is a contagious thing!
Once you are there, it will put her in a similar state and take you both to new level of enjoyment, inside your own world.

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