5 Factors for a Successful Date

Successful first dates are the ones that created an interesting, thrilling experience for both parties. There are a few rules to help make a date exciting – and we have summarized them here for you:

Set a time that is convenient for both of you

There’s no problem with a quick date if it fits just right in your schedule. But, if you have the opportunity to take a woman on a planned, pre-arranged date – it has a much better psychological effect and makes it easier on the logistical side.

The fact and the woman and you set a time window, in advance, for your date is already a mutual effort towards one another. This makes the situation more personal and creates sort of an initial way in which she is “making an effort” for you.

She needs to make time during her day – to meet you. After all, the more effort and thought one puts into you, the more emotionally connected to you they become.

So, don’t hesitate to ask her to create a 2-3 hour long time window at the end of her day – to have a date without any pressure. Another benefit is that once none of you is “late” to any other place or has any time pressure, you naturally create a comfortable bubble for your date.

This is how you can achieve the goal of disconnecting yourself from the outside world during your date, the goal of her feeling in another world – with you.

Start your date in a quiet place with no interruption

Women are mainly attracted to emotion. You can evoke emotions in her in a variety of ways: whether it is through a good conversation that includes a fascinating story, or through the exactly right touch.

Once you meet, sit in a place where you can have a conversation, like a coffee shop or a park.

We want to create the precise first impression and have the woman excited about you very quickly, so everything will be as powerful as possible.

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Have more than one stop on your date

Here we are still talking about creating emotion. Many of you have probably heard or read that it is not enough to create just one emotion during a date; we must create a variety of emotions during the given time. To get to this point, a few things can be done.

One – create more than one stop on a date. As soon as you have finished getting to know each other a little and created the first impression in a quiet place – you can move to another location to hang out, preferably a place which is a bit different from the first one.
It’s better to walk more and sit less since that creates a more comfortable situation.

Make her understand that you are popular

One last and significant tip is to go to a place where people know you, whether it’s a party your friends are hanging out at or a bar your friend works at.

The idea is that the woman gets the impression that you are a popular, social person, which makes her eager to be a part of the fun in your life. We are attracted to interest, and once we see a loved, popular man – we automatically want to check him out.

Beyond that, this presents you in a great light and makes the woman feel she is hanging out with a desired man.

Come to have fun

It’s important that you come to the date with a relaxed mindset, rather than a needy one.

Once you focus on enjoying the moment and see the date as an opportunity to meet someone to have fun with – you’ll stop looking stressed and needy.

Even if you don’t say it explicitly, the woman may feel pressured when you come on a date to “get” her, or feel that you are in a situation where you lack women in your life.

Once you come to have fun, you’ll radiate independence and stability – two very attractive traits.

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