How to Approach a Date from Dating Apps?

You received an attractive request on the dating app, the woman looks really sweet in the picture and she makes you want to speak to her, but, you do not know how to respond: do you reply fast? Do you wait? Do you write something that calls to action or something that will make her smile?

Many times, we desperately want to be approached, to have others hit on us, but then, we are not sure if we are really ready to take the next step.
How do you do that? Here are some step-by-step tips.

Think positive

There is no doubt that fears have a significant place in wooing, as we often let ourselves regret, or refrain from a certain act, fearing that the other party will not respond well to us. We are afraid to disappoint, to be disappointed, to be rejected, that the partner just turned to us and regretted it, or that the other party will think that we are not as special as they thought after we respond.

Put all negative thoughts aside, get rid of your fears, and be devoted to the pleasure of courtship. All the beginnings are difficult but very exciting – and once you start dating and things go well, we are sure you will want to continue, and even if this time did not go as you planned, it does not mean that the next time things will look exactly the same.

On the contrary, once you have started courting someone and seen how wonderful it can be and how it can open the door to romantic relationships, you will want to try again and again.

Accept the message with open arms

The change is done as soon as you are emotionally ready. It is not worth waiting to reply to a message that you have received, because the woman who contacted you will move on to someone who replied to her. You can take a moment to check who contacted you, read her bio, understand if she interests you, and if there is potential here – if so, respond quickly.

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Reply with a call to action

When phrasing a reply, it is important to be precise, so that you can convey the message: I am interested but would love to know more about you, so maybe we can talk on the phone? Text each other? Maybe even meet?

This way, the ping-pong of a long and tedious conversation is avoided, the partner who initiated the conversation understands that you are interested and not just replying with a random sentence back that says nothing.

Find the time to create direct communication

Do not give excuses like I do not have time, maybe later I will have time to drag the call in emails or phones too much, because the other party may get tired and not want to wait or just arrive exhausted to your date.

Make time and put your love life first. Only your date prioritized, you will be able to focus on them and give them your full attention. When you focus on your love life, you can truly start it up.

Do not let the other party woo endlessly

She was indeed the first to send a message, but in this love story, it doesn’t mean that from now on she is the only one who works hard for the relationship. After she has initiated the conversation, you set up a date – then, it is a mutual wooing in which each of the parties tries to maximize the potential for a romantic relationship to take place.

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