15 Tips for The Perfect Profile Picture

Enough with The Selfies! In dating apps, like in real life, the first impression is everything. Therefore, it’s very important that your profile picture is as good as possible and that it shows you at your best. So, we have prepared a guide for you.

Ariel, a good looking 36-year-old woman, told me that she came to me since she isn’t photogenic and that she doesn’t even have one photo that she can upload to dating apps or social media.

When I examined the photos taken by her friend, I was shocked to see how this woman looks so different in photos compared to real life.

Ariel is not alone. Most people initially claim to be unphotogenic. My experience has taught me that you can get the desired change easily since you have control over the rest of the technical characteristics of the photo and a lot of influence on creating a great profile picture.

let’s see how you can get a good profile picture for your dating app, in a few simple steps:
  • Remember – the basic conditions for a good photo are light, color, composition, and your feeling at the moment of the shot being taken. If you don’t like something in the photo, change those things.
  • Decide if you want a close-up or a wider shot and play with the zoom accordingly.
  • Prefer natural daylight, it’s usually more flattering than artificial lighting.
  • Be as relaxed as possible while filming, to look your best.
  • Play with the color settings. There’s always an option to control the color of the image (for example warm/cool lighting).
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  • You don’t have to be in the center of the image. Try to place yourself slightly on the side, for example in a third of the image.
  • Pay attention to the background, it can add more depth and uniqueness to the photo. If there’s an element in your background that does not contribute to the photo, remove it.
  • Find the most flattering angle: Try to find the right angle for the subject, for example slightly above or below them, on the right or left. A different point of view could be more interesting.
  • Pay attention to the way you hold your head – some tilt it to the side, up, or down. Anyway has a different impact on how your chin and nose look in the photo. Look at the mirror or your photo and choose your preferred position.
  • Do all the facials, hair removal, haircut, etc. a few days before the photoshoot, to avoid last-minute surprises and to make you look as natural as possible.
  • Face or full body? Since the photo in dating apps is displayed in a small size, it’s better to have a photo of your face as the main one.
  • Is there such a thing as a “good side”? Well, our face isn’t symmetrical, and each side looks a bit different. So, it’s better to take photos of both sides and choose your favorite one.
  • Take lots of pictures, since the perfect picture will not come out on the first try. Try different combinations of lighting, background, angles, expressions, which will give you a higher chance to get the desired result.
  • A small mirror you can look at while shooting can always help.
  • Look at the camera with love, it will give it back to you.

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