How to Flirt with a Woman?

The ability to successfully flirt with a woman is considered a powerful element in pursuing her. It’s a magical ability to make her melt and become attracted to the man.

However, many men have a hard time incorporating this thing called flirting in their lives or do not understand how to be flirtatious.

Therefore, some men think they just do not have “it”, or that special sentences need to be memorized for them to be able to flirt successfully.

Wooing, just like most of the communication between the woman and you, is not only what you say, but also how you say it and how you express it.

What is flirting and why is it even important in communication with women?

Flirting is your ability to express sexual communication, to provoke thoughts and conversating about it between the woman and you, implicitly. This creates tension and curiosity between you and enhances the attraction.

Any romantic experience between you and a girl is, in fact, an experience with a sexual nature, because the basic thing that brought you to know each other is the initial sexual attraction that was between you.

Your ability to express sexual communication, or in other words to flirt successfully, is what creates intimacy between you and paves the way for both parties to continue a good sexual relationship.

Sexual openness

The basic factor that will allow you to flirt and express sexual communication easily and successfully, is your sexual openness. Any difficulty in being honest with your intentions and talking about sex will block you from having further sexual experiences with the woman.

How to open up to sexual talk and feel comfortable with it?

Surround yourself with people that do not judge you for your passion and for your desires and practice expressing your desires in front of the mirror until you feel more comfortable with them.

What makes flirting successful?

The idea of sex and sexuality comes up in conversation indirectly and it happens gradually because of the curiosity between you. Successful flirting is not telling her “I want to sleep with you” (that is not flirting at all) but using words to imply the desire you feel.
For example, she is wearing something in a color your like. You can say “I like your outfit; how did you know I love the color red (or any other color she wears)?” in a humorous way. It brings up the idea that she, supposedly, did something to impress you and raises the matter of the passion between you in an easy, light way.

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What is sexual body language?

Eye Contact

A deep and stable eye contact that does not escape the sexual tension, intensifies the sexual tension between you, and gives the words you say their flirtatious nature.


A gentle and comfortable touch that is a part of the conversation between you will enhance the woman’s attraction to you and will add to the flirtatious atmosphere. You can begin with touching her hand or shoulder gently, as part of the conversation, and as the attraction between you intensifies you can integrate longer touch in areas like the upper back and knee.


Speak with a lower tone as part of the conversation. Getting closer to the woman and whispering things to her during the conversation will stimulate the sexual instinct and enhance the flirtatious atmosphere. For example, whisper when you tell her something personal. The main idea is that you gradually make her participate in a quiet conversation and whisper to you.

Near-far principle

One of the most powerful elements in flirting and attraction, in general, is the near-far principle, since what builds attraction is the game between attraction and repulsion, like a dance.

Creating distance while being close and intimate is what makes a sentence or statement powerfully flirtatious. It’s a sentence that makes the woman feel your affection, or a certain positive feeling, and challenges her at the same time, or incorporates something that might make her stay away from you.

Rhythm and tone of speech

Just as every situation and feeling you go through has its rhythm, so does a flirtatious/sexual atmosphere. When there is a fun atmosphere, the pace is faster and more energetic
In a sexual, flirtatious atmosphere the pace is slower than in a normal conversation and it has a noticeable sense of depth.

When the atmosphere is sexual, the tone of your speech lower and you speak slower, your body language is relaxed.

The more sexual the conversation and the more intense the attraction, the more the flirtation will adjust its frequency, and it will have a greater impact on the advancement of the connection between you after the date.

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