How to Turn Your Friend into a Girlfriend

There is someone in your life. Charming, someone who is a pleasure to spend time with. Only that this fun ends just where you wanted it to begin, in bed. Because this woman in your life is just a friend – she would go out with you, laugh with you, get coffee with you, but would not sleep with you.

Any woman would love to keep a man like this by her side, one that treats her like that. He will get the (wrong) feeling that he has a chance with her because she turns to him for help and keeps in touch with him, which allows her to benefit from him.

You do whatever she asks, even if you do not like it, because you think it is the right way to behave with her, and if you don’t behave that way, she will not want your company. Once she shows some dissatisfaction you apologize, try to fix the situation, and do everything so that she will be satisfied.

It’s not that her intentions are bad. Mostly, it does not even occur to her that you are going against your will only to please her. She is certain that you are doing what you do because that is your true will.

Many men continue to behave in this way because it allows them to stay close to the woman and feel she needs them. It gives them the illusion that they are acting the right way and that soon, the woman will finally realize that this is the man she has always been waiting for.

Only, it never happens …

Among women, the criteria are based on behavior and less on appearance: no woman will be attracted to a handsome man who she finds stupid. If a woman finds a man decent looking, his behavior will determine his status in her life. If women go out with you but want to stay friends – it’s a sign that you are behaving in an unattractive way.

But the false hopes that do not leave them cause them to give up on daring to behave differently, because it seems wrong to them.

Do you see how the woman continues to date other men, who are not as considerate as you, and don’t understand what she finds in them? You still refuse to look reality in the eye and understand that maybe, women look for something different than what you offer them…

What is the real problem with your behavior?
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If you don’t treat her like a gentleman would, but rather with ease – it’s no wonder that she feels like she is your friend and not your girlfriend.

If you ignore her sexuality and mask the sexual enthusiasm in your looks – don’t be surprised if she does not see your connection as a sexual one.

If you show insecurity.

If you follow her, let her lead, and agree to every offer – she might feel comfortable with you, but would not be attracted to you.

The problem is that women don’t see you as a real man as long as you become a “softie” near them, make their desires your own, and try to please all their whims.

A woman does not look for a servant as a partner, but rather she looks for a man.

When a woman is looking for a man, she is looking for someone to bring a new world with him. A man who knows what he wants, a man who knows how to set boundaries and has a backbone, a man who has his own values ​​and worldview.

Maybe now you’re beginning to understand why women prefer those bad guys. They don’t really want bastards, it’s just that those are among the only men who really behave in a masculine way, who don’t give up on themselves, and who don’t behave like servants.

The problem for most men is that, out of desperation, they are willing to compromise on whatever comes. They are willing to give up on themselves because they do not believe they can make demands and get what they deserve. They turn into rags, hoping someone will use them.

Women hate desperation and smell it from afar. If you want to succeed with women, set yourself a threshold. Give the woman respect and most importantly – be yourself, before anything else.

A controlling woman turns her man into a rag until he ceases to interest her.

How not to become her best friend?

When a woman offers you to do something together or asks for help – you do not have to do it unless you want to.

I’m not telling you to turn down all of her offers. If you want to do whatever she is asking or offering, go for it. But if it makes you cancel any wanted plans, if you do it just because you don’t feel comfortable refusing her, or if you do it just to please her – you don’t have to agree.

When a woman does anything that you don’t like – tell her. If you went on a date and she starts talking on the phone for a long time, it’s disrespectful in my opinion. In this case, I would politely tell her to make personal phone calls after our date.

If she speaks to you in a way that seems disrespectful, don’t hesitate to tell her that you find it unpleasant.

These methods give you the opportunity to become a challenge for the woman, to become someone who is special and attractive in her eyes. This way, she will start being sexually attracted to you even if she has only seen you as a friend in the past.

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