How to get your girlfriend to dream of you?

As dreams are an interpretation of your ideas, emotions, and sensations, it can be difficult to implant something specific in one’s mind. Dreams are involuntary and only appear in certain stages of sleep and are composed entirely by your subconscious.
Dreams occur most commonly in the rapid-eye-movement (REM) stage of sleep, when the brain is highly active and resembles that of being awake.

Remind her of your scent: when she is in the REM stage place up to her nose something with your scent strongly on it, e.g. deodorant.

Give her a picture or video of yourself to remind her of you before she falls a sleep, so that hopefully you will plant yourself into her subconscious. Try to make this picture or video revealing of your personality.

Show your true personality: Be yourself and you will truly stand out, intriguing her and making her image of you as vivid as possible. In addition, show your complicated side, no matter how fussy, go into detail.

Do something strange: Change it up a bit and she will have trouble deciphering your character further arousing her curiosity. This will keep you firmly in her thoughts.

Intrigue her:  make interesting, yet delightful conversation. Such as, rather than asking about her day ask about which genre of movie she enjoys best.

Listen to her: yes, its true that it doesn’t all lie with you. Reveal your caring, thoughtful side, as well as livening up her day by listening carefully to what she has to offer. You will also definitely stand out.

This list should reveal your next course of action to ensure that you are as animated as ever both when in person and in her mind.

Take into consideration each and every point and you will be sure to have a unique presence in her subconscious and thus, her dreams.

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