How to pick up girls face to face – it all starts with self-confidence

Real self-confidence attracts women more than a witty opening line or an assertive pickup move. For generations, women have perfected this wonderful ability to read men between the lines.

“Is the man talking to me connected to himself and his truth, or is it just a boy pretending to be an grown up?” Men equipped with a set of ready made lines, or who rely on a charmante character seen in a movie, usually fall apart during the ensuing conversation.

When you speak to a girl, you must remember that right now, in her subconscious, she is deciding whether you are a potential mating partner, and whether you can protect her and her offspring. Since everything happens in a flash inside the woman’s subconscious mind, don’t worry about what you’re going to say to her. Better watch for those elements in you that radiate your self confidence.

An opening line isn’t supposed to excite the girl sitting in front of you. It’s not meant to make her chase you or even fall in love with you. What it does is only tempting her to respond to your first message to her.

This principle is similar to using an opening line when picking up a girl in real life.
It’s not supposed to make her fall in love with you there and then; not even to laugh hysterically.
It’s only meant to create a state of initial communication between you where she rates you as a reasonable guy, or even more. The reason is simple: As soon as a girl reacts to your initial message even once, your chances to move things forward with her grow by 50%!

First rule: When you want to pick up a girl, look her in the eyes.

Some men find it real easy to look a friend in the eye, but the moment they’re near a girl, they totally loose this ability. They start to look sideways and move their gaze away from her eyes.

Beware, nothing projects more lack of credibility and harms your chances with a woman than turning your gaze sideways. When you chat with a girl and suddenly look in another direction, it’s a sign that you’re actually apologizing for your masculine intentions and desires.

Remember, you are a man; women are attracted to you; and you to them, and there’s nothing for you to apologize for. Women want to see the male in you even if all you want is sex.

Second rule: Stand up straight when talking to women.
When you talk to women, it’s very important that you stand up straight. This reflects self confidence, but also physical and mental health. A slouchy posture can imply muscle problems, depression or another medical condition. It’s very critical to show that you are a healthy male.

Third rule: When talking to a woman, speak slowly.
Talking relatively slowly is critical when talking to a girl on the phone or face to face. My advice is that like talking to friends – with girls speak slower, and allow yourself to take a breath here and there. Make sure your stops aren’t accompanied with “ahhs…” or “hmms…” A slower speech reflects self confidence, self control, and most importantly, you’re demonstrating that no one is going to tell you how to speak to people. Imagine a self assured man on a chair talking to his boss. Does he speak slowly? Are his replies well considered? Is it easy for him to take a long break between words?

Fourth rule Talk to a girl loud and clear.

Make yourself heard. A woman is not supposed to guess what you’re mumbling under your nose.

A girl who ignores a guy who’s trying to chat her up isn’t someone you’d wish to speak to in the first place. Mostly women simply don’t hear the guy, because he’s talking too quietly. Think about it: when you’re inside your own world, your thoughts, how likely are you to pay attention to someone talking to you much too quietly?

The other extreme is also a no-no. Talking too loudly, in a volume that’s not right for the situation, may seem aggressive or even scary. Obviously, if you pick up a girl at a club, you have to overcome the loud music – therefore you tend to speak louder; however, if you’re doing the pick up on a train, for example, adjust your volume accordingly.

Fifth rule: Use facial expressions while talking to a girl.
Girls are hyper-sensitive to facial expressions. A woman’s ability to feel empathy with the guy talking to her only because he has an expressive face is phenomenal. Remember, what drives women are mainly emotions, that’s why it’s so important to pay attention to your facial expressions during any interaction with them.

You’d be surprised how lively the interaction with a girl becomes when you employ facial expressions to show your feelings, experiences or senses.

If you express your wonder, sadness, happiness or anger through your face, you’re showing yourself as a very sensitive and interesting person.

The more you try, the higher your chances of finding love!

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