How to select the right profile picture?

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You may be worry about how to take a profile picture for dating site or selecting a profile picture for dating website. Selecting the perfect profile picture for dating websites can be stressful. Which look will catch the attention of a potential match? There are quite a few myths on what you should, and shouldn’t, do. Are any of them true?

A dating website examined 7,000 images uploaded by love-seeking men and women, and analyzed them against the number of messages and chat requests these users had received. Lean how to take a profile picture for dating site in easy steps. The results seem to shake the big myths of online profile pictures:

Myth no. 1: Smiling in your pictures works best

Smile to the camera. This has been “drilled” into us from early age as the best thing to do. Yet on dating websites, that’s not the best advice you can get. When examining user profiles on dating websites, you come across 3 common types of face shots: Smiling, unsmiling, and flirting. On average, women will smile often, but make a flirty face less than 10% of the time. Yet studies show that a flirty face combined with eye contact with the camera will produce the best results for women.

Yet, for men a flirty face won’t normally work; nor would a smile. Actually, if you avoid smiling and don’t look straight into the camera, you will frequently reap the best results. Perhaps a little mystery will seduce users to DM you.

To sum up: Women: flirt with the camera for the best results. Men: look away, thus creating a mysterious aura that should pull those messages to your inbox.

Myth no. 2: Shirtless images do not serve men

If you have some serious six pack abs, it may help to show them off. It has been proven that “abs images” get positive results. Obviously, a man should also have the right look in order to gain such results.  Age is also an important factor; not surprisingly, studies have shown that those “six pack images” tend to work better for younger men. The older you get, the less effective this trick is.

Similarly, for women, showing some cleavage in their picture is also an effective way to get DMed more. Like the men’s “abs image”, it works better for younger women, but the age parameter isn’t as critical as it is for men. Obviously, you should use your deep décolleté images carefully if it’s more than a one night stand you’re after.

To sum up: Younger men: if you have it, flaunt it. Slightly older men: don’t expect it to work.

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Myth no. 3: Always show your face

This sounds simple enough. If you’re attempting to draw a potential match, you’d like him/her to know how you look, right? How can you object to that logic? Yet the results seem to disagree. If you show something interesting, mysterious or sexy instead of your face, you may reach the same number of DMs as when having your face in the picture. If that’s the way you want to go, you should present something that would make others curious enough to contact you. Entice him/her to DM you.

Of course, eventually you will have to show your face to that person before meeting in person. So be ready with a nice face shot to follow up after your enticing non-portrait images.

To sum up: If you show something interesting enough, you can succeed without exposing your face right away. But be ready to show your face before the real meeting.

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