How to make a woman attracted to you

12 proven tips tricks to make women attracted to you

You see her standing at the other end of the room, a bright dress, a beautiful smile and shining eyes. How do you approach her? How do you get her to notice you? if dating is what you are after? It’s not a simple task, it’s true, but if you have the right tools … the sky is the limit. It’s time to find the right way to catch her eye, make her smile and attracted to you.

Want to find a successful relationship? This is your time to jump into the water!

Feel comfortable with yourself

The first step in making potential partners attracted to you – and in general, people – is to feel good about yourself on the inside.

People are very intuitive human beings, working according to energies. There are many people who just don’t feel good in their own skin, which could be due to different reasons.

Whatever the reason is, a person’s discomfort doesn’t go unnoticed. When people feel that someone is uncomfortable, they feel the stress and unpleasantness that surrounds them. As a result, they will probably want to find other people who have a more positive aura.

Women on a date and in general, are looking for a fun, interesting and confident man who can look after them. If you do not project those qualities, your chances are already diminished.

No one is saying this is an easy process, but you should definitely try to compliment yourself, aim to improve yourself so you will feel happy about yourself, give yourself the time to be alone, and love it… all with a view to learning that first and foremost, you most enjoy your own company. If you feel that you need to lose weight or get into shape before you are ready to start dating, now is the time to start a diet that will help you achieve the result easily and quickly.

If you aim to attract the woman of your choice, you must make her feel that you are the one; have self-confidence since you worth it!

Stand at the center of things

Even if you have plenty of confidence, it will not necessarily be visible in the dark. If you are in a crowded pub or a noisy party, no matter how much you want it, the woman probably won’t notice you.

To get her attention, try to get everyone’s attention, no matter where you are or who you are with. You came to have fun; Enjoy it like there’s no tomorrow! You will feel more confident, happier and secrete neurotransmitters (such as endorphins, pheromones and dopamine), which helps make women attracted to you more easily, simply because these neurotransmitters attract them.

Using this upbeat approach, you may be able to make more women interested in dating you more than you initially intended.

Make sure you continue to have fun even when you get the woman, and when you are on a date with her, she will want to see if you’re consistent. However, do not forget to give her attention so she feels you want her to stay. Want to find a successful relationship? This is your time to jump into the water!

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You are not desperate

No wonder you cannot see her, with all those tears in your eyes.  Don’t be desperate, begging, using chat up lines your grandfather used and flirting like this is your last day to live – no woman likes to feel chased too much.

To succeed in conquering every woman, try to play a little hard to get. As long as you show confidence and stay at the center of things, the whole place will know you enjoy it and if you have the right body language, so will she. She doesn’t want to see you next to her, she wants to see you at your peak, enjoying, happy and attractive. You will also demonstrate the right endorphins and neurotransmitters that will simply pull her towards you.

Make sure you don’t exaggerate or play too hard to get, you might make her feel like you are disinterested; make sure you smile and make eye contact occasionally so she knows you are interested.

Dress well

When you notice woman, you can’t see into her heart and mind, so you judge based on her appearance: hair, makeup, sexy attire, smile, cleanliness… all those things you always pay attention to at first. Would you be interested in dating a woman with frizzy hair, who’s sweaty and hairy? And what about the women? Are they different? Certainly not! It’s not yet proven that they have superpowers!

Until then, as far as we know, they judge you based on the way you look (clothing, shaving, cleanliness, hair, eyebrows etc.). These are all essential signs of beauty and grooming a man has to perform in order to be perceived as attractive.

So it’s time to overhaul your looks: shave the beard, style your hair, and dress according to where you are going, in a flattering outfit. Click on the link below now and choose flattering clothing that will help you look your best. For example, a shirt with a funny caption can help you easily start a conversation with the woman you are looking for:  BANANA REPUBLIC outfitters Equipped and get started!


Of course, an essential part of every attraction is a smile. Most people tend to say that they notice the smile of a person who attracts them. A smile indicates pleasure, happiness, and interest. This is a great way to broadcast that you are interested and make her attracted to you.

Try to make her feel that you are interested in her. Smile at her with a smile that transmits confidence, joy, energy and a little sexuality. If the woman understands the clue, she will inevitably smile back at you or at the very least, show interest and some shyness.

It may be that you will have to approach her and break the initial ice, but in this way you will come across as a true gentleman.

Eye contact

Eye contact is a great sign of affection, warmth, and attraction. A lot of people say that the eyes are the window to the soul and most of the times, whether you admit it or not, you also look into the eyes of people you care about.

In the same way, you can convey to a woman at a glance that you are interested in her and would like her to approach you. When you notice her, simply try to catch her eye from across the room. This is an immensely powerful thing, which shows a lot of confidence and sex appeal. If she maintains eye contact or looks away shyly and then looks back at you, she is likely interested too. She may be trying to play hard to get this time, but with your electrifying look, you have already managed to charm her.

Body Language

Body language is the most appropriate way to convey love, affection, and attraction. Weather you have noticed it to this day or not, you and all humans are very sensitive to the signs, movements, tone of voice and the eye contact of others and usually use them to interpret their intent. Women have innumerable body language traits that may convey that they are interested in you. Being honest, most of the time, it’s not so easy to detect them, so you shouldn’t try to focus on that. Instead, try to focus on what you convey. Men generally don’t have many body language traits that indicate they want a woman, all you have to do is smile, look her straight in the eye, and be confident. Yes, just like that. Once a woman feels the presence of a self-confident man and sees it on his body, she knows he is a guy who knows what he wants. When you do this, make sure to do the following: hands to the sides (never combined!), Relaxed knees, and puffy chest, which projects confidence and masculinity. She will respond accordingly. Want to learn more about body language? Click here


So far, you’ve been trying to get her attention, have fun, laugh, smile and keep eye contact. You even expressed interest with your whole body. She hasn’t arrived yet? It’s time to be creative.

Laughter attracts humans both mentally and physiologically: when people laugh, they release endorphins and indicate that they are happy. People will therefore be attracted to you because of the positive aura and vibe you carry.

Be approachable and sociable

As I said, sometimes you can overdo it with all the fun, laughter and eye contact. Don’t play too many games! Women want you to be direct and confident enough to make the first move.

To make her feel at ease try to approach her with your group or even come and sit close to her with a friend, to show her that you are interested and would like her to talk to you. Do it only if you’ve really seen signs of her interest: smiles, shy looks or a glance at you…

You can always try to start the game remotely and invite her to drink through the waiter. She will understand the message.

Want to find a successful relationship? This is your time to jump into the water!

Bring something cute with you when you are outside 

And what if you are interested in the woman who walks her dog at the park? Or in a colleague? A fellow student? What if life is not just a party?

If so, you should try a slightly more toned-down approach. Try to bring something cute that attracts the attention of a lot of people to get her to approach you: it can be a cute dog, a fascinating collection, a unique collectible item, a cake, even a very Interesting book that you think she might like. Anything that can make you interact quickly and easily. As soon as you managed to make eye contact, give her a confident and smiling look. She’ll pick up on the hint. Want to find a successful relationship? This is your time to jump into the water!

Just talk to her!

As sad as it may sound, many women still live in the “Stone Age” and so – simply refuse to make the first move. You can say that she is not your cup of tea or you can choose to approach her.

The truth? Life is short, so you should always try. What do you have to lose? True, the thought is daunting, but take a deep breath and try anyway! Try to imagine every scenario that might happen. None of them are horrible enough to justify giving up, that’s a promise. You never know, she could be your soulmate.

No one ever said that being able to attract a woman is a simple step. Even if you are an expert in the profession, there is always a possibility that she is just not into you and that is fine. Try to be a little observant for the clues, but mostly make sure to convey openness, readiness, confidence and happiness.

Even if you’re the one who engages in conversation or orders the drink, if you sit down together for a conversation – you have started. Now just wait and see what the future holds.

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