Opening Sentences to Use with Women

What do you say to a foreign woman at the beginning of a conversation, when you approach her in order to get to know her?

At the beginning of your journey when you have nothing to say, or when you are too afraid to allow silence, it is best to rely on a pickup line to learn.

Give it a try, and you will see how much easier it is when you have a premade template. After you’re used to that, feel free to break it, and be creative to develop your own style. After all, in the end, the goal is to talk and get to know each other, and the pickup line is only an opening.

There are two main types of openings Sentences to Use with Women: direct openings and indirect openings.

Direct openings

As its name implies, you convey to the woman in a direct way that you are interested in getting to know her. For example, “Hey, I am interested in you and would be happy to get to know you.”

One disadvantage of this approach – in terms of the balance of power between you, is that you are at a certain height and she is far above you. You revealed all of your cards by telling her that you are interested in her (without any effort on her part) and are now waiting for her approval. She has all the power.

Another downside – in many cases she would not have noticed you before you approached, so you could not create any attraction or sexual tension. There is a chance that her answer will be based on the number of seconds you speak, your body language, exterior, and the mood you projected, which will not always be to your advantage. Men often have insecurities about approaching a woman and this is expressed through hesitant body language.

On the other hand, if your body language is very good and you have high self-confidence, there is a good chance that this opening will work. In addition, a direct opening is required if you are sitting in a bar or club and you make eye contact with her, exchange glances, she smiles at you, she seeks your gaze, etc. This is because her body language has confirmed that she is interested in you. The advantage of this overture is that it is not complicated, it is very real, you do not play games, and if she gives you a chance you can definitely change the balance of power to be in your favor later on.
Remember, to encourage attraction you must at least be equal in the balance of power!

Indirect openings
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This method is basically starting a conversation with her that is unrelated to your intentions regarding her.

One example is to make a comment about the environment/people around you: “Say, do you think these two are on their first date?” From there, keep trying to read their body language, “it seems to me that they are having an intense conversation, but I’m not sure what it’s about. What do you think?”

Another indirect opening is an opinion opening, which is excellent for anyone starting out in the field.
An opinion opening is asking for her opinion or advice about some issue, preferably on an issue related to the relationship between men and women.

Women always have something to say on the subject and they always volunteer their advice. A controversial topic can be very helpful in creating a deeper interaction. Ask more questions to activate a tool of attraction, and move onto slightly more personal questions.

For example: “Who do you think cheats more, men or women?”

This conversation can go on and on and in the chapter on attraction you will see how to make use of additional tools in the conversation.
The big advantage of an indirect opening is that in terms of the balance of power, you are at eye level because she is not 100% sure that you are interested in her. This makes it an ideal position to be in, and from there you can move on.

It’s easier to start with an opinion like this when it comes to two or more women at a time. Women are more likely to cooperate if you provoke them with a controversial question.

When you are still a little apprehensive to approach and afraid that you will not have anything to say, then you find yourself silent and embarrassed, an opinion opening is there to save you. You can add this to your toolbox of pre-prepared openings that include additional questions to continue the conversation.

If you do not have ideas for indirect openings, you should join content channels on relationships, read articles about the subject, look at surveys, listen to dilemmas that people face, or find a topic that interests you so that you have something to say on the subject. Build yourself the right opening and you will not find yourself looking at what to say.

As you practice and gain confidence, you will be able to be more creative and think of new openings that will suit your situation. Eventually, you will even progress to a direct opening, although I think with an indirect opening there are more magic and more opportunities to create chemistry.

Try each opening about 10 times on different women, or on women in a group, to see what flows better for you. You can use a friend and say: “We have a disagreement…” Good luck

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