How to Behave When Approaching a Woman

Do you feel like you know what needs to be done to approach a woman, how to talk to her, how to create attraction, and get her interested in you…but in practice it does not work out?

The appropriate words do not jump out when necessary, you feel uncomfortable, the woman is not interested, and things do not go the way you planned…

So how do you start putting everything you know theoretically to use? This is the solution:

For starters you need to understand a simple psychological principle: We all live by habits.

Everyone has a way to eat, hold a fork, brush their teeth, talk, drink coffee, etc. Everyone does these things in a way that is unique to them and slightly different from others.

Every time you repeat your habits, you strengthen them more and more. If I asked you to eat your meal and hold your fork differently than usual, it will be uncomfortable…because you are used to doing it your way.

The exact same thing happens in your communication with people – for many years you have gotten used to talking to people in a certain way. You have a way of responding to compliments, questions, moments of embarrassment, having conversations, and more.

You have a set of communication and behavior patterns that you have practiced throughout your life. You repeated them, over and over again, and today you use them without thinking.

But there is a problem with the fact that you are used to communicating and behaving in a very specific way…

Habit is something that determines your behavior and is very difficult to get rid of, especially if it’s a habit you feel comfortable with. Your habit can be very helpful in some cases, but it can also work against you.

If you are used to communicating with women in a way that causes them to see you as just a friend, then you are an expert at that and can open courses that will teach “how to become a friend”.

If you are used to being afraid to approach beautiful women and make up explanations for yourself that will justify your inaction, you will be in trouble when you want to meet someone who might actually want a man like you (but you have a “good reason” not to approach her).

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The problem is that you are not used to communicating and behaving in a different way, and a different approach is what you now need.

The problem that you and any man who has a hard time succeeding with women has, is simple:

For many years you have been practicing the wrong things!

You always do not approach when you see a beautiful woman.
When you like someone but are afraid to talk to them, you get used to saying things to yourself such as: “she’s not exactly my taste,” “she probably has a boyfriend,” “she’s too young / old,” “she’s busy with something, now is not the time to bother her.”
You get used to feeling like you have nothing to say when you have a conversation with a woman.

Instead of all these, you could practice dozens of patterns that would help you succeed with women much better.

For example, you could try approaching a woman you like and see what comes out of it.

You could practice moving naturally from topic to topic during a conversation, so that your whole conversation will be flowing and interesting. You could practice creating attraction and sexual tension during your conversations with women.

You could practice sexual body language.

There are dozens of other things that can and should be practiced in order to get rid of the patterns that have hindered you to this day. You need to replace them with habits that will advance you. Because you’ve practiced the “wrong” things, you now have to break old habits.

Now your goal is to abandon the “wrong” habits and adopt the “right” habits

There is no magic solution that allows you to do this right away – abandon the “wrong” behavior you have been practicing and adopt “correct” behavior. It is a process that requires work, time, and determination. I met people who abandoned this process halfway through, just because they did not understand it and thought that they would have successes in a day just because they read some articles on the subject…

It’s time for you to start creating new correct habits for yourself!

To gradually assimilate all the necessary habits, I suggest that you start with something small. For example, every day approach at least one girl you do not know who seems attractive, and talk to her for a few minutes. No matter what. It can be anywhere – on the way to work, school, on the street, in a mall, or on the beach. All you have to do is get used to talking to one girl a day that interests you and have a short conversation with her, no matter what.

After a month of doing this, choose another habit you want to change, and start working on it. It is important that you continue to practice the things you now know how to do. If you do not know how to create attraction or sexual tension, you will not be able to practice them…therefore, you should first learn how to do it, then start practicing.

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