How Any Man Can Succeed with Women?

Most who are considered experts at the seduction of women came from a place of frustration, failure with women, and a strong desire to understand how the process works.

They wanted to know how any man, regardless of his income or appearance, can succeed with women.

The obvious way to learn was to cling to men who are considered “natural” at it and analyze the components of their behavior when they come in contact with women.

These are three steps that must be taken for the seduction of a woman to work properly.

The first stage is the creation of attraction.

This is the necessary, elusive, and almost mystical stage which most men fail, or rather skip, without being aware of the consequences. It is very simple, if there is no attraction, there will be no temptation.

Attraction is an abstract concept; the dictionary definition of attraction is a strong inclination towards a person or object, or an aspiration to approach someone or something.

Biology describes attraction as the dispersal of substances in the body called love hormones. It may be difficult to define, but we all know the amazing feeling either way.

In order to create attraction consciously, you need to raise your value in her eyes, just like stocks on the stock exchange. The higher your stock rises the more attractive it will be in a person’s eyes. Most techniques for creating attraction are based on psychology, which is mostly subconscious.

The second step after making sure that she is attracted to you is to create comfort. You need to make her feel comfortable with you, so that she can open up to you and invest in you emotionally.

The purpose of the comfort phase is to create a connection beyond sexual attraction; a connection that leads you both wherever you decide without objections.
This stage gives her confidence, because she trusts you. She feels as though she knows you better, as well as your motives and desires.

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Convenience is the longest step in the process, it ranges from a few hours (for the particularly talented) to a number of sessions.

The most common mistake for men who approach women is to skip the attraction phase and go directly into the comfort phase. When there is no attraction and no desire for her to get to know you, she will realize that you are falling for her and be bored to death.

You will feel like she is not particularly attentive and that she demonstratively ignores you. If you manage to interest her she will give you her phone, then tell you how much she likes you and that she would be happy if you become friends….but  you’re not really interested in that.

Therefore, it is imperative that you make sure attraction is your first step in the process. Remember, a woman is not usually attracted to you the second she sees you.

Appearance plays less of a role in a woman’s attraction to you, as opposed to a man’s attraction to a woman, where you can decide at a glance if she’s attractive to you. The female mechanism works differently, so do not fail there.

The third stageseduction.

Make sure she is attracted to you and feels comfortable with you; the physical temptation is required. What is more natural for two people who are very attracted to each other and feel comfortable with each other, than to celebrate this connection in physical union?

Each stage has guiding principles, as well as techniques and skills. This is not a magic formula, it is a process that needs to be worked on and practiced to find what works best for you.

When interacting with women, think about what you did during the process: attraction – a comfort – temptation. What was good? What stage was harder for you? What do you need to do to get better?

If you persevere and learn lessons, you will be an artist in this field. All it takes is knowledge, action and patience.

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