How Should You Go about Finding the Right Partner?

You signed up for a dating app and you’ve already been out on a few dates, but nothing caught on.

Occasionally I hear a statement like, “Where are all the normal girls?” or “No girl I meet is right for me,” “Your spouse is out there, your job is to make sure she gets to you,” “Is it really possible to meet someone?”

The most real answer I can give is: “It worked for me, and for a few other people I know, so there’s a chance it will work for you too.”

First of all, you should understand the meaning of a suitable partner. No one will be able to predict who will suit you perfectly, but what you can know is whether there is a match for your basic need in a relationship.

In my case, the need came down to a partner I was attracted to, someone I could share all my experiences with, and someone who was interested in starting a family. Everything else is a desire or dream that I have, but is not directly related to my need for a relationship.

For this reason, every time I met a girl I was less interested in how much she resembled what I imagined, and more interested in me: whether she met the simple requirements I had set for myself.

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In the second stage it is important to create a “message” that presents yourself as authentically as possible.

Why? Because women who are right for you will naturally feel connected to you, and those who are not will probably not feel the connection.

I discovered when I write freely about myself on dating sites, including feelings and details beyond the surface – I get more relevant inquiries.

Even when I approached a woman at a meeting or event and introduced myself as I was, without trying to present any image – a connection was created more easily and quickly.

In practice, after discovering this “secret” I did not need more than three sessions until a substantive connection was established. Is this accidental? I believe not.

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