Where to Go on a First (or Second) Date

Where to go on a date? It seems like for a whole decade (to me it feels like an eternity), we go out on dates. For those of you who have exhausted the typical dates in cafes or neighborhood bars, variety can increase your chances of success.

Original date is remembered for a long time and can differentiate you from all the ‘boring’ dates.


At the end of the day we are all still kids, even if some people refuse to admit it. The best thing you can do is to add some fun and a drop of competitiveness into a date.

Bowling allows for relaxation, creating a lighter connection and fun chemistry. Lots of dating fails due to the difficulty of opening up, so this is a recipe for success. Add some intervention, and your date will end with a kiss.

A tour

Sometimes the simplest ideas are also the most fun. A little hike in spring weather can make any date perfect. There is no need for gourmet restaurants, at least not in the initial stages of a relationship.

A hike with a stop for ice cream can feel like a scene from a romantic movie. Men, pay attention to how you market the date, so that it does not come across as you being stingy and trying to save money.


If you’ve already gone out before but want to spend a little more time together, a biking trip can be fun.

Remember, if it works youwill have all your life to grow old together, but take advantage of the fact that you are both young and full of energy.

Cooking Workshop

This is a good option for all of the connoisseurs reading this. Check the goods before you arrive and check the behavior in the kitchen.

You can work on cooperation together with your date, or just make a mess.

Wine tasting

While we are already on the subject of flavors, spending time at the winery or an evening of tasting cheeses can upgrade any date. When going to the winery it is advisable to arrange a visit in advance in an attempt to get a short guided tour.

There is something very romantic about a visit like this, especially when you get to the tasting stage and launch glasses at each other.


A pedal boat in the lake with lots of sun, fruit, and a good atmosphere. Sometimes the simplest dates can be the best.

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Imagine an afternoon just before the sunset, in perfect weather. An idea for a day like this is to go watch clouds and airplanes fly overhead. You should find a place surrounded by nature, and take a blanket, a bottle of wine, and any snacks you like. 

Go kart

For a date filled with challenge, karting activities are a great idea. Start with a karting track suitable for all hours of the day, and in the evening include some climbing walls or paintball. Make sure the equipment is good quality, so as not to make your partner feel unsafe.

A little tip to finish

Dating does not have to empty your pockets thanks to the thousands of daily deal sites. These allow you to purchase half-price vouchers for all kinds of attractions, and they can even give you ideas.

The word date must not be associated with so many tests. We are so busy finding a partner that we sometimes forget to enjoy the experience. The road to a relationship is fun and exciting, so leave your resume at home.

Forget about past experiences, and in the worst case you will have a normal day. However, it is much more likely that you will have an insanely fun evening and will create a memory that will last a lifetime.

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